Sunday, February 21, 2010

I was on the bus the other day - two day...s ago
a boy and his mother - she must have been west indian - talking
She kept saying "my point is" and gently critiquing his teachers
he talked confidently about his grades and homework and
spoke as she, much gusto, much sensitivity, much clarity
"I had loads and loads and loads of..." "You were bent on..."
He was probably thirteen.
They laughed and were gentle. "My point is..."
I loved them for a whole fifteen minutes.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Truth

Today I want to be an angel - to enter an idea and better it
to investigate at the speed of light
I'm honest
I'll tell
a little injection of silver bliss mercury
and little slap of life
a little push to running
a little offsetting starvation
a little push
a little tug
a little grief
a little drug
a little smile
a little rest
a little angel
To kiss whom I want to kiss
in all the best ways
sing all the best praise
and get it right
I'll be heavier human,
I'll be a lighter human, heavier angel
anchor to earth
when I want to float away
i'll turn my face up and say
A little heavier, God
A little heavier

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'll just link to my sister's blog - read all the comments. Great stuff!

Tokens. We decide what to do with what we are feeling: write Harry Potter, chuck ground turkey. We decide. When we have loved ones and are happy, we speak to them, talk to them, express to them. When we don't, when we are not, we touch our keyboards and write our books which may otherwise seem obsolete. We can choose to be creative to others outside our happiness-making-sphere (usually a spouse or significant other), but we may just use our happiness to chuck turkey. (I love that ground turkey comment by Anna down towards the bottom of the comments on my sister's blog.)
Love you all!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Beautiful Little Animated Short on Love

Read about it on:

Sunday, December 06, 2009

I love the Smiths

You may be thinking I mean the band - I do love them, but I really truly love the Warren, Emily, and Diana Smith Smiths with whom I:
- had Thanksgiving dinner: curried butternut squash soup with cilantro lemon yogurt, ham, scalloped potatoes with cream and italian mushrooms, cranberry sauce, rosemary rolls and red velvet cake for dessert.
- went to the Desert museum! It was beautiful and interesting: coyotes, snakes, desert flowers, parrot varieties.
- went to an ostrich ranch and took a monster truck tour there - as well as had many little lorokeet birds nibble on our necks, drink nectar from little cups in our hands, collide and poop above us in excitement. Diana was really fearless and marshaled the deer around her in the petting zoo adjoining the ostrich farm - her little hand completely sucked in by the slobbery deer mouths, she even got bit by an ostrich a the ostrich feeding cage and bounced back in no time to continue feeding them. We "fished" for ostriches as part of the monster truck tour of the ranch with grapefruit chunks and fishing poles. We fed goats that were in this two story shed thing with little holes that they stuck only their heads through - well, one stuck a paw through too. Diana stuck her head in through one of the empty ones! I know, this place sounds surreal - it is. Tucson is another realm, truly. Tim Burton's suburbia (from Edward Scissorhands) meets Dr. Seuss horticulture. The ranch is owned by self proclaimed red necks from Oklahoma. What else?
Ostrich meat is apparently miracle meat and
Ostriches are great with their diva-long theater eyelashes and their gray gulletty necks and over-dramatized ballet dancery stances with that killer middle toe with hooked nail! They are dinosaur birds who become docile when socks are put over their heads and whose beaks turn red during mating season. (Overwhelming amounts of experience occurred to me at that Ostrich ranch on the mountain down there north of Tucson.)
- went to In n' Out down there in Arizona. Provo has a new In n' Out and it is a phenomenon.
- had carne asada from a little Mexican place!
- watched Star Trek and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Enchanted
- talked, read scriptures, read stories to Diana, played with this wonderful little girl - she is precocious and loving, sensitive, sensible, and is fearless about dancing (like Warren somehow) and sharing like Emily (and Warren). This girl is doomed - by her wonderful parents - to be always wonderful.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Gospel makes sense to me right now as I read my little missionary brother's last missionary letter talking about Conference, General Conference, its joys and brightness.
We talk about light and joy a lot.
In a world of words, these are words to
impress indelible
these are words

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September 1, 2009

like a purple wing
trying (in the grass) to
to a twig, a leaf, a body
alone snips the twiggish faggot pile
glistening in wetness
clover nose hairs smelling

come! chairs
come fabric and festivity
come, on scissors and mark
your forest
with a grid